Workplace Stress Counselling Gold Coast

Workplace stress is the second most compensated illness in Australia and millions of dollars are lost each year due to benefits paid out and loss of productivity. However, the personal cost can be much higher. Most people will experience some form of workplace stress in their lives which can have detrimental effects of them, their families, their career, relationships and future employment.

Workplace stress comes in many forms, such as feeling under intense pressure, living up to expectations, loss of confidence performing your tasks, time restrictions, being subject to bullying, harassment, discrimination, forms of gaslighting or narcissistic behaviours and interpersonal conflicts or tension with colleagues and management. You may be experiencing workplace stress caused by other people or the job itself. When workplace stress tips a point of affecting your mental and physical health, it needs to be addressed. 

Signs & symptoms of workplace stress may include:

  • Sense of dread before going to work
  • Feeling on edge at work
  • Non participation during meetings
  • Not participating in staff events
  • Fear of rejection of ideas or suggestions
  • Being late or taking longer breaks
  • Panic attacks or fear, particularly prior to a triggering colleague or situation
  • Avoidance of some of your usual work activities or contacts
  • Overall physical changes in general health, such as headaches, pains, restless sleeping
  • Escaping work thoughts through misuse of substances such as alcohol

Well Life Counselling provides specialist support in this field through additional work in the business area. We can help you break down the challenge you are facing and teach you the skills you need to overcome your particular situation, make key decisions and develop your own strategy to manage workplace stress, which may in turn affect your career and personal life.

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