Career Guidance Counselling Gold Coast

Changes in career trends over the past decade means that opportunities are presenting themselves in a variety of areas which is exciting when it comes to choice, yet confusing when it comes to deciding which path might be right for you. Getting a job can be daunting so it’s helpful to understand how to present yourself in the best way with an effective resume, cover letter and manage the application process, including building your confidence for interviews and starting your new position.

The game has changed in the job market so it’s important to take a strategic approach when planning your options. Keeping an open mind can often be the best way to get a feel for what your passions are and what drives you. It’s also important to understand more about yourself and what type of career you would find most fulfilling to balance your passions, lifestyle, preferred income and other commitments.

Whether you are a school leaver, in the midst of a career change at any age, or have been unemployed for a while, it’s helpful to get some guidance to help you along your career pathway.

Reasons for career guidance counselling may include:

  • Unclear about your options leaving school – helpful for students and can include collaboration with parents/caregivers of students
  • Unfulfilled with your current job
  • Inspired to move into a new field or passion
  • Balancing work and life commitments
  • Considering taking up further studies to enhance your career
  • Looking to start a new business venture

We can help you with:

  • Preparing or updating your Resume/CV
  • Writing effective cover letters
  • Navigating job searches
  • Effective interview techniques
  • Challenges of job search or changes and how to manage the process

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