Addiction Support Counselling Gold Coast

Overcoming addiction can be a significant challenge which will be influenced by the type of addiction, underlying cause, environment, pre-disposition, available resources and a number of other significant factors that lead to, or maintain addictive behaviours. The various stages of addiction can be complex as can the identification. Some people will themselves recognise that they have an addiction, or at a tipping point, whilst others may not be aware they are demonstrating signs of addiction.

Addictive tendencies can show themselves in various forms, commonly substance abuse such as alcohol or drugs (illicit or prescription) but addiction may also manifest in areas that are not so visible, such as gambling, shopping, eating, pornography, work and digital. When any of these dependant habits start to negatively impact your behaviour and lifestyle, it’s helpful to seek support.

Signs & symptoms of addiction may include:

  • Lack of control over a substance or habit
  • Difficulty cutting down or managing usage
  • Changes in behaviours that cause concern
  • Withdrawal effects
  • Negative effects on relationships
  • Preoccupation in unhealthy activity and recovery
  • Undesired impact on work, study or school
  • Physical and psychological changes
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Increased tolerance levels
  • Causing complications such as financial or legal issues
  • Lying, secretiveness, stealing
  • Increased risk factors to yourself and others

Taking a holistic approach to overcoming addiction is important because there may be a combination of biological, psychological and social impacts on your wellbeing. Addictive behaviours can be cause or affect and at Well Life Counselling we can support you through understanding your situation and the stage of your addiction. We can work in conjunction with other specialist organisations and professionals to offer a support network that suits your circumstances.

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