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General Counselling Gold Coast

General Counselling

Sometimes life throws unexpected circumstances and situations at us that can challenge our usual way of coping. This may be caused by a particular incident such as a major trauma or loss, or it may be accumulated through...

Anxiety Counselling Gold Coast

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety can be crippling, whether a temporary or more permanent state . It may be brought on by situations such as an emotional trauma, stress overload, a physical health condition, major event or it may be underlying.

Workplace Stress Counselling Gold Coast

Workplace Stress

The personal cost of workplace stress can be very high. Most people will experience some form of this in their lives which can have detrimental effects of them, their families, their career, relationships and future employment.

Stress Management Gold Coast

Stress Management

Managing stress can be very difficult, particularly when you are juggling numerous hats and responsibilities, such as work, family commitments, financial pressures and the other responsibilities you have in your life. It can feel like a...

Grief Counselling Gold Coast

Grief Counselling

Grief is very personal and everyone experiences grief in different ways. It’s highly individual, which can also add to stresses in your own grief, when others around you don’t always seem in tune with your feelings and heartbreak. No person will experience grief in the same way.

Depression Counselling Gold Coat

Depression Counselling

Depression can affect how you think, feel and act and carries many physical and behavioural symptoms. It can take hold for a number of different reasons occurring due to a genetic predisposition and may also be triggered.

Cultural Adjustment Counselling Gold Coast

Cultural Adjustment

Adjusting to life in a new country can be challenging when it comes to finding work, community support and living within a society that differs from what you are accustomed to. It can take time and effort and may not always...

Career Guidance Counselling Gold Coast

Career Guidance Counselling

Whether you are a school leaver, in the midst of a career change at any age, or have been unemployed for a while, it’s helpful to get some guidance to help you along your career pathway.

Burnout Counselling Gold Coast


Burnout is a form of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion that can occur when you are constantly overloaded with life pressures. It is a result of excessive and prolonged stress and it can come from many sources, such as...

well life counselling anger management angry man

Anger Management

Managing emotions in a heightened state can be difficult when you’re running on a short fuse. Anger is a normal human emotion, however when intensified occurrences go unchecked, it can become unhealthy, causing distress to yourself and others

well life counselling relationships mother and daughter not speaking to eachother


Major conflict or ongoing disputes can become a chronic stressor and may lead to withdrawal, isolation, loneliness, exclusion and poor health. Prolonged avoidance or suppression are unhealthy coping mechanisms, so it’s important to find strategies that positively manage your key relationships.

well life counselling additiction support addict sitting with face in arms

Addiction Support

Overcoming addiction can be a significant challenge which will be influenced by the type of addiction, underlying cause, environment, pre-disposition, available resources and a number of other significant factors that lead to, or maintain addictive behaviours.